Introducing the....



       (Soaker hose attached to a mat of weed barrier

                          with pre-cut rows or holes. )


              This is the bottom side of the 5 Row Model which equals

                  15' of planting space.  Professional grade soaker hose

                   is attached and runs along each of the 2" x 12" openings.

                   Mats can be linked together end-to-end or side-to-side

                   via a 39" connector hose.

                                 3 Other Models Available

                                      (all models are 44" x 58")

                                                                       For seeds or transplants.


    12 Hole                 6 Hole               3 Row

    With these mats you will have a

weedless garden and abundant produce!


     Get Ready for SPRING!

Take time during these cold months to

plan out your garden. 

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               Be ready to:


Conserve water 

 Eliminate weeds

 Increase production

    with a ......




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These weed barrier mats,

 built to last for many growing seasons... 



                    will get you...
 large garden results

              in a   

 small space

 little effort and time






5 ROW MODEL (pictured above):
Partially planted with lettuce, radishes and onions. 


How about strawberries?!
In a 12 Hole Model everbearing
varieties will produce all season.
Prune the runners and fertilize
                                          with a hose end sprayer.


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Beans, squash, peppers, corn....!!!
Look! No weeds. Well watered.
This could be your garden from heaven!!

Link different models together for a custom designed garden.

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 The Watering Weedless WonderTM was developed for vegetable and flower gardening to get the highest yield in the smallest amount of space. 

Hook two or more mats together for a
larger garden!!
These mats can be hooked together via  a 39" Coupler Hose


Be advised - The production in the area of one mat will likely be the same as anarea twice the size without the mat. There will be greater production from less area.

This revolutionary product is a 44" x 58" mat of highly UV resistant polypropylene material commonly called "weed barrier".  Air and water pass through it but weeds do not.  The Watering Weedless WonderTM is self weighted with a rubber strip encased by heat-bonding around the edges. The center contains heat-cut rows or holes for seeds or transplants of vegetables and flowers.

      Watering is by a 3/8", professional grade, soaker hose which is encased in the weed barrier material next to the openings.  A flow-control device limits water flow to approximately one pint per minute, allowing water to slowly weep into the soil, eliminating waste and run-off.

     The Watering Weedless WonderTM  is quickly "installed" over a prepared seed bed and seeds or plants are easily planted.  Once the soil or root zone is wet it will retain moisture with minimal additional water by reducing evaporation.  Plants thrive and production is abundant due to moisture consistency.

  These mats will last for several years.     
Happy Carefree Gardening!

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